Facebook's Most Popular: The 50 Hottest People On Facebook (PHOTOS)

Though Facebook caps the number of friends at 5,000 on personal accounts, an unlimited number of people can join a person's Fan Page. Lady Gaga, for example, recently became the first living person to score over 10 million fans on Facebook, beating out Barack Obama, among others.

We've tracked down the top 50 most popular people on Facebook--based on the number of Fan Page fans--to compile a killer list of the hottest people on the network.

See who has a spot on the list (hey there, "Alan from 'The Hangover'") and who didn't make the cut (with 573,826 fans, even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg isn't one of the Facebook elite). But all that could change by next week--Facebook's numbers are famously volatile, and Fan Pages can grow overnight by tens of thousands (Maybe HuffPost Tech could make the list... We'd love it if you fanned us on Facebook!) Check out the top 140 most followed people on Twitter here.