The 15 Facebook Profiles With The Most Subscribers

The 15 Facebook Profiles With The Most Subscribers

Since September of last year, Facebook users have had the opportunity to experience a whole different kind of interaction with others through the social network's Subscribe feature.

This function brings a new level of personalization to the New Feed by letting you see updates from Facebook users you're interested in without having to "friend" them. In addition, users who choose to add the Subscribe button to their personal profile page can broadcast their public updates to a wider audience than just friends. Subscribing to a Facebook user is pretty similar to liking a Page: When you subscribe to a friend, an acquaintance, or someone you don't know personally, like a celebrity or journalist, you receive updates from them on your News Feed in the same way that you would from the Facebook Page of a local business, big-name company, brand, community organization, or public figure.

Facebook has released to The Huffington Post a list of the social network's personal profiles with the highest number of subscribed users. Flip through the slideshow to see the 15 most-subscribed profiles, then check out how this list differs from the most-liked celebrity Facebook Pages. Are you surprised by anyone on the list below? Let us know in the comments, and tell us who you subscribe to on Facebook.

#15: Steve Harvey

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