Facebook Introduces New Way To 'Prioritize' Your Best Friends

If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, your News Feed can be a confusing jumble of status updates, links and photos. A new update to the social network's mobile app should alleviate that problem, though.

Facebook on Thursday announced new settings that allow users to prioritize which friends and pages are featured in their News Feed. At the moment, this is available only for iPhone users.

To enable the update, make sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app on your iPhone, then tap the "More" icon in the lower-right of your News Feed. From there, scroll down to "News Feed Preferences," tap it, and then select "Prioritize Who to See First."

The update also makes it a bit easier to unfollow people, hiding them from your News Feed. There's also a new page that allows you to reconnect with those people you've unfollowed -- it's adorned by two crabs high-fiving.

Perhaps less interesting to people who already feel overwhelmed by everything in their News Feed, the update also features a new way to find more pages to follow.

If you're an Android or desktop user, you're out of luck for now. Facebook notes the update will be available "over the coming weeks."

That said, there are already plenty of other ways to cut down on noise in your News Feed.