App Lets Passengers Facebook Stalk Each Other Before Flights

App Lets Passengers Facebook Stalk Each Other Before Flights

This takes inflight creepiness to a whole new level.

Travel app Quicket released an updated version this week -- and among the new features is a "social check-in" option, which allows passengers to creep on their seatmates via Facebook before either of them even gets on the plane.

So if you're the worst person on your flight -- or are terrified of meeting someone who is -- don't say you didn't have fair warning.

Granted, your fellow passengers won't be able to research you without your consent: "Only users who approve the social feature will be presented on the flight," a spokesperson for the app told HuffPost in an email.

So in order to be seen or to see your fellow passengers on the app, you'll have to check in yourself. You can do so anonymously (without providing your name), or you can provide only your name, or you can post your name and a link to your Facebook profile. Then, your seatmate will be able to surf your profile and study all those juicy travel pics for plenty of pre-planned inflight conversation.

Or you can plan to fake sleep from takeoff till landing.

The Quicket app already has a slew of other stellar features -- users can search and book flights in the app, check their flight status and get directions to their gates on detailed airport maps. And now, they'll get social directions, too.

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