10 Of The Most Obnoxious Facebook Overshares

10 Of The Most Obnoxious Facebook Overshares

Remember the good old days when you'd get your class yearbook and spend hours scanning through your classmates' photos? Today, Facebook has made it possible for us to do this... every single day.

Instead of having to wait 10, 15, or 20 years anticipating what's become of your old comrades, you can have your own little mini-reunion from the comfort (and anonymity) of your home computer and pajamas.

While it's fun to check up on old friends and acquaintances once in a while, constantly seeing the highlight reel of your friends' lives or seeing their dirty laundry aired out can be a drag. Some studies have shown there may be a correlation between time spent on Facebook and your dissatisfaction with your life. Researchers from Humboldt University and Darmstadt's Technical University found the biggest cause of Facebook envy was from seeing people's vacation pictures.

We asked out Facebook fans what kinds of posts they absolutely hate seeing on their newsfeed, and they were pretty candid. Tell us what posts make you cringe in comments.

#1) Selfie, anyone?
"Posting pics of themselves every move they make!," said Delsa Pauletich Ham.

#2) Whine, whine, whine
"Complaining about EVERYTHING! enough already, we've all got our problems," said Patrice Andrews.

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#3) Lover's spat
"It's when people have public fights with current or former partners. Please! Keep it to yourself!" said Sally Tucker Jasper.

"Someone constantly talking about his GF (and breaking up/making up, "every other day"); I finally "hid" his posts from view!" said George W Jones.

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#5)Anything you can do, I can do better
"Competing friends...Ugh. Nauseating to watch. The ensuing jabs/insults. Watching them try to entice the object their desire. As my daughter would say, 'Gag.' We are NOT in high school any more. Get over it. Just be friendly for crying out loud. We are freaking grandparents or at least old enough to be. No one is so desirable as to reduce one's self to that measure. Play nice or go home," said Marcia Kohari Allen.

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#6) Attention-seeking behavior
"I hate an undershare more than an overshare: "Well, that was the worse thing that ever happened to me" sort of thing, with the implied, 'Beg me to fill you in,'" said Jamie Wieloch Greco.

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#7) Exhibitionism
"Vacation pics and new house pics are annoying only because they make me jealous. I think I'd rather people just complain about life and move on...lol. Or joke about stuff to make me laugh more. You know what I mean?!" said Cheryl G. Roark Irrizary.


#8) Real-time updates
"I have one "friend" who posts every single day what they are doing that day - even if it is "I don't know what is happening today" - which just seems excessive to me," said Jan Hobbs.


#9) WebMD
"Hypochondriacs," said Beth Greenshields Courrau.


#10) Self-righteousness
"Over sharing about religion," said Denice Loritsch.


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