What Not To Post On Facebook In Each Of The 50 States

Is your state selfie-loathing or fed up with food pics?

• Californians don't care about your personal problems.
• Florida cannot stand your brunch shots.
• So many people would rather you keep your baby pictures to yourself.

There aren’t many things that Vermonters and Texans agree on. But here’s one: They don’t want to read about your personal problems on Facebook.

And they're not the only ones with specific Facebook gripes, as you can see in this snazzy map (below) created by Rantic.com, a social marketing and public relations firm based in the United Kingdom.

Rantic asked 10,000 Facebook users about which posts irritate them the most -- selfies, political rants, food pictures, personal problems or baby photos -- and broke down the responses by state.

Rantic also surveyed people about how they use Facebook and split the results by gender. You can check out those findings here.

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