Facebook 'Re-Imagines' Its Privacy Policy

Facebook 'Re-Imagines' Its Privacy Policy

Facebook is giving its privacy policy a makeover.

The world's largest social network is not changing the terms of its privacy policy, but rather rehauling the way in which the information is presented in an attempt to make its privacy information more accessible and useful for users.

According to Facebook, the "re-imagined" layout is more interactive, "layers" information to provide an overview of key topics, clusters related information together, relies more heavily on images, and is written in more straightforward language with a minimum of legalese.

"We agree that privacy policies can and should be more easily understood, and that inspired us to try something different," Facebook wrote in its introduction to the "new privacy policy written for regular people." "[W]e've tried not to change the substance of the policy but, in our effort to simplify, we have added some new things that were elsewhere on the site (like our help center) and have made some other concepts clearer."

Facebook has posted a series of graphics highlighting the difference between its new, simplified privacy policy and the existing version.

Among other tools, users can see the type of information visible to Facebook's advertisers by previewing the tools advertisers use to create targeted ads, check up on the applications that have access to their profile information, and more.

"Very good idea to have a more simple way of presenting the privacy policy," one Facebook commenter noted. "However, I think it should complement rather than replace the current way of presenting it."

Another remarked, "The format is better but there is still way way to [sic] much text. It must be possible to simplify it and abbreviate it. Otherwise even with the improved interface and layout people won't read it all."

Check out the revamped privacy policy here, then tell us what you think of it in the comments below. Is it an improvement or not?

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