Facebook Activates Safety Check For The Fourth Time In Five Weeks After Nice Attack

At least 80 people were killed during a Bastille Day celebration in the southern French city.

Facebook’s Safety Check feature was activated on Thursday following the attack in Nice. At least 84 people were killed during a Bastille Day fireworks celebration in the southern French city.

It’s the fourth time in less than five weeks that the social network has activated the Safety Check tool, which allows Facebook users who are at or near natural disasters, terrorist attacks or other major crises to inform their friends that they are safe.

In June, Facebook deployed the feature after a mass shooting at an Orlando, Florida nightclub. It activated the tool again about two weeks later after a terror attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. And it was activated following the recent shootings in Dallas.

To use the Safety Check feature, simply mark yourself as safe during a disaster using Facebook’s website or mobile app.

If Facebook believes you are in a disaster zone, whether through your profile information or current location, it may prompt you to use the feature.

Once you mark yourself as safe, the friends in your network will be informed.

Follow this Facebook link to see a list of your friends who are currently in or near Nice, and which of them have marked themselves as safe.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article said that Nice represented the third time in five weeks that Facebook activated Safety Check. It is actually the fourth.



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