These Simple Facebook Shortcuts Will Save You Time

Don't waste another precious second of your life.

Did you know that if you hit the L key when you're browsing Facebook that it will Like the update you're on? I didn't. I've been using keyboard shortcuts for Gmail for years but I had no idea that Facebook offered them as well. If you, like a billion or so other humans, regularly browse Facebook, the following keyboard shortcuts could save you some time, too.

  • j , k — Scroll up and down through stories in your News Feed
  • p — Post a new status update
  • l — Like or unlike a selected status update
  • c — Comment on a selected status update
  • s — Share a selected status update
  • o — Open the attachment in a selected status update
  • enter — See More of a selected status update
  • / — Search
  • q — Search your chat contacts
  • ? — Show keyboard shortcuts

Facebook also supports Access Keys to move between different tabs.

Different web browsers and operating systems use different combinations of key strokes to activate them.

  • Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + #, then Enter
  • Chrome for PC: Alt + #
  • Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + #
  • Safari, Firefox or Chrome for Mac: Control + Option + #

Just replace the # sign with the key number for the specific command you want from this list:

  • 0 — Help
  • 1 — Home
  • 2 — Timeline
  • 3 — Friends
  • 4 — Inbox
  • 5 — Notifications
  • 6 — Settings
  • 7 — Activity Log
  • 8 — About
  • 9 — Terms
  • m — New Message

For instance, when browsing Chrome on a Mac, hit Ctrl + Option + 4 to bring up your Friends list. For Chrome on a PC, hit Alt + m to start a new message.

If you forget these shortcuts or lose the link to this post, just hit "?" when you're at and a cheat sheet will pop up.

If you have any other shortcuts or tricks for saving time on Facebook, let us know in the comments, email us at or tweet us @HuffPostTech.

My favorite tip: make an interest list of all of my friends. I use that instead of the Newsfeed to see what everyone is doing or sharing, instead of what Facebook's algorithms think I want to see.