Internet Crime: Facebook Timeline Scams


In the next few weeks Facebook is going to force the rest of its 8-million users who haven't already, to switch to the "new and improved" Facebook Timeline profile format. Scammers are banking on the fact that many of you will hate this. Every time Facebook makes some kind of change to their operating system or display, the users (myself included) get annoyed. You can expect to see status updates from your friends (myself included) complaining about this new layout... Here's where the Internet predators swoop in.


You're going to see posts saying things like "Hate the new Facebook Timeline? Here's how to switch back to the old view." The sad truth is that this is just a spam hacker hoping you'll click some link so that they can access your account, install malware and start sending out spam across your beautiful new timeline, to all of your friends, in your good name.

Stop Internet spam criminals. Be prepared. Share this post with your friends and family and let them know that there is literally no way to avoid switching to the new Facebook Timeline view. Resistance if futile and if someone offers to help you get the old view back; it's a scam, DO NOT CLICK!

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