Tips to Make the Transition to Timeline

Since timeline became available worldwide several months ago, hundreds of millions of people have been using it to tell the stories of their lives. But if you still haven't gotten timeline, or need some help getting started, here are some tips to make the transition a little easier:

Pick a one-of-a-kind cover photo

If you were to write a book on your life, what would the cover be? With timeline, you can showcase your choice with your cover photo. This image fills the space at the top of your timeline and should be something that represents who you are at any point in time. It is the first thing people see when they go to your timeline. Whether it's a photo from your recent trip with good friends, a special wedding picture, or a great landscape shot that you took of one of your favorite places, you can change your cover as often as you want to reflect what's most important to you. Just hover over your cover photo and in the lower right hand corner you'll see a 'Change Cover' button pop up and from there you can choose a new cover photo from one of your Facebook photos, upload a photo, reposition the photo or remove it.

Go back in time

With the old profile, it was pretty hard to go back in time and see posts from your past. You may have even forgotten what some of those posts actually are. Using the slider on the upper right hand side of timeline, you can easily scroll back through the years and revisit old posts and photos from the past.

Showcase important life moments

We all have moments in our life that stand out in our minds as great milestones or a moment we never want to forget: graduating from high school or college, buying a new house, or having a baby. It could even be taking up a new hobby, completing volunteer work or quitting a longtime vice. You can add these events to your timeline using the Life Event field on your composer. Instead of typing a status update, simply select "Life Event" and decide what moment you want to share. You'll also never miss hearing about a friend expecting a child or having a baby as these important moments will show up on your homepage under celebrations (where you see birthdays). Other celebrations that appear here are you friends' engagements and marriages.

Super-size your photos

In addition to a great cover photo, you can also highlight photos that are important to you. If there's a particular photo you've taken or are tagged in that you love, just click the star icon in the top right-hand corner of the post on your timeline to highlight it and make it twice the size. This will catch your friends' eyes as they scroll through your timeline so they can see the things you care about. Additionally, if you click on Photos just below your cover photo on timeline, you will see all the photos of you, including all the photos you've uploaded and your albums. On this page you can also highlight the photos you love by clicking the star in the upper right hand corner and they will appear larger.

Add apps

Like to run? Pin? Read? Listen to music? Add apps to your timeline. Apps give your friends an idea about all the other things you care about in life that you might not normally use Facebook to tell them. Going out for a long run? Let your friends cheer you on while you run with the Nike+ app. Like fantasizing about your future home décor or enjoy DIY projects? Add Pinterest as a timeline app and let your friends see your tastes through the boards and pins you've created. Maybe you're a bookworm and love to read books old and new. With the Goodreads app, you can add reviews on the books you've read, list the books you want to read to your timeline so your friends can give their input on your book tastes and get recommendations from you. Discover apps to add to your timeline in Facebook's App Center.

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