Facebook to Allow Users to Control Every Aspect of Sharing, Privacy: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer December 2, 2009

Facebook to Allow Users to Control Every Aspect of Sharing, Privacy: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer December 2, 2009
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Facebook is getting rid of regional networks in order to improve privacy controls. The decision will give users the ability to control every aspect of their profile, including limiting who can see specific links, photos and shares. Users seem to be happy about the decison, which finds Facebook shedding its roots in favor of the future.

A new app is bringing video calls to the iPhone. Fring allows 3G and 3GS iPhones users to view video calls from acquaintances making video calls from a computer, via Skype, or another app. While the service is groundbreaking in bringing video calls to smart phones, calls will only go through if the iPhone user is on Wi-F.

Consumer Reports named Verizon the best wireless provider in the US. The survey found that not only did Verizon have the best connectivity of any network, but also the best customer service. The Consumer Reports report had Sprint and AT&T tying for last place, with T-Mobile coming in second.

Twitter co-creator Jack Dempsey launched a new mobile payment system yesterday called Square. Square is a plug-in that allows users to take credit card payments on their iPhone or iPod Touch. The new device, which will reportedly cut the vendor price for credit card fees, conducts the entire transaction digitally via Wi-Fi and sends the customer a receipt by either email or text message.

It's official. Comcast is set to purchase NBCU. The deal, which came to fruition after GE purchased Vivendi's 20% stake, will give Comcast controlling interest in the NBCU media company.

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