Facebook Users Number Almost 700 Million: Report

Facebook membership is fast approaching a new milestone, according to Facebook stat tracking site Socialbakers.

Membership growth from the past month indicates that the social networking site will soon notch its 700-millionth signup.

Users in Brazil created 1,949,700 of the new accounts, the most new signups from one country during May 2011. Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Argentina and India rounded out the top six countries where new members are flocking to the social network, according to the signup data.

The U.K., with 661,200 new users, made the number-10 spot on Socialbakers's list of fastest-growing countries on Facebook. The United States, however, didn't even crack the top 20.

While Facebook's official statistics currently list 500 million active users, this figure may be due for an upgrade.

Check out Socialbakers for more details about Facebook's expanding membership.

[via Business Insider]