Facebook Criticizes Verizon-Google Plan For 'Open Internet'

Facebook Criticizes Verizon Google Plan For Tiered Internet

Facebook is taking sides.

The social network has come out against Google and Verizon's policy proposal for an "open Internet" released earlier this week.

Google and Verizon have suggested a framework for how Internet traffic should be handled over wireless and wireline networks. While the two companies maintain that their plan would "protect the future openness of the Internet" and ensure there would be "no prioritization of traffic," critics have countered that the proposal, which includes exceptions for wireless networks and "new services," would create a tiered Internet, upend net neutrality, and "[set] the stage for the corporate takeover of the Internet. "

Legal experts, consumer advocates, and the FCC have all weighed in on the Google-Verizon proposal.

Now, Facebook has joined in. According to Information Week, Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said in a statement, "Facebook continues to support principles of net neutrality for both landline and wireless networks."

He continued, "Preserving an open Internet that is accessible to innovators -- regardless of their size or wealth -- will promote a vibrant and competitive marketplace where consumers have ultimate control over the content and services delivered through their Internet connections."

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