Facebook Videos Can Now Follow You As You Scroll

Don't slow your scroll: If you want to watch a video that you see on Facebook, it's now possible to do so without stopping in your News Feed.

Facebook is rolling out a test feature that lets you pop out a miniature version of a video which will then follow you as you scroll through your News Feed.

It looks like this:

If you have the feature enabled, you'll be able to mouse over a video and click the little square icon that appears. That will move the video to the lower-left corner of your screen, and it'll stay there as you scroll.

In a statement to The Huffington Post, a Facebook spokeswoman said: "We’ve heard from some people that they’d like to watch videos while they scroll through News Feed. We’re running a small test where you can create a smaller floating screen which continues playing the video while you scroll through your News Feed."

The feature is currently for the web version of Facebook only, and not every user has access to it. Because it's a test, it's possible that it won't be permanently implemented.

Video content has exploded on Facebook in recent years. The company says there's been nearly a 400 percent increase in video published by people and brands over the past year.

Thus, the social media colossus has started paying closer attention to video. In addition to the new pop-out feature, the company recently announced new ways to track how people interact with videos: muting the sound or making the footage full screen, for example.