Facebook Wedding: Survey Says Brides Unhappy When Wedding Photos Posted Online

Brides and grooms will pay thousands of dollars for a professional photographer to capture their Big Days. The photographer snaps pictures at all the right moments: the kiss, the bouquet toss, the first dance.

Meanwhile, Uncle Bill is taking photo after drunken photo of the not-so-perfect moments, and you don't know about it until those pictures show up on Facebook.

A new survey by the photo printing website MyMemory says that some brides are feeling a bit ruffled by guests who post candid wedding photos to social media sites before they can give their approval, according to WeddingIdeasMag.com.

More than 60 percent of brides surveyed said they were unhappy with their appearance in the pictures, and more than 75 percent said that photos of their weddings hit the web without their knowledge.

But some brides don't mind. In fact, some couples encourage their guests to snap away throughout their nuptials. In June, New York City bride Caroline Waxler created a hashtag for her wedding, and asked guests to use it when posting or uploading photos of the wedding from their phones. The hashtagged photos automatically populated to the couple's wedding website, allowing the newlyweds to see their ceremony and reception through their guests' eyes.

It may be impossible to stop wedding guests from hitting the shutter button, but hopefully your photographer's snapshots make up for your friends'. Click through the slideshow to see some truly awful examples of professional wedding photography.