Is It Time For Facebook To Recognize Polyamorous Relationships?

Here's the next wave in queer social media representation.
Melanie Kramer, AOL

Facebook -- and social media in general -- has become so interwoven into our daily lives that it's hard to remember what life was like before it existed.

So why can't people in polyamorous relationships accurately reflect their relationship statuses on their personal Facebook accounts?

Philly Cashion, a Facebook user currently in a polyamorous relationship, was unhappy that she couldn't connect her partners on her personal Facebook account and signify that all three of them are "in a relationship." This led her to start a petition, currently with almost 3,000 signatures, urging Facebook to give people in polyamorous relationships the ability to showcase their non-traditional partnerships on Facebook.

"I'm in a triad polyamorous relationship so there is no main partner in our relationship, the three of us are equal," Cashion told The Huffington Post. "I know we can't all marry and loads of other things people normally get. But being able to show our relationship in an authentic fashion in Facebook would be nice."

While formally recognizing poly relationships on Facebook isn't currently possible (though users can choose "in an open relationship"), Facebook has made other pioneering changes in the past for the queer community -- like massively expanding the way that users can describe their gender identity. Facebook has no comment at this time, but perhaps this is something they'll consider in the future.

Want to add your voice to the conversation? Head here to visit the petition.

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