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Face-kini, Face Mask Bathing Suit, Is Popular On Chinese Beach (PHOTO)


For something less revealing this summer, take a look at the face-kini, the ultimate alternative to slathering on sunblock on trips to the beach.

The full head mask, often worn with an accompanying body suit, is the latest swimwear innovation in the Chinese resort town of Qingdao, The New York Times reported.

The summer accessory is a must-have for many Chinese women who prefer a fair-skinned complexion over a suntan.

A bronze tone has traditionally been equated with doing physical labor while pale skin indicates a person of status who doesn't work outdoors, NBC News said.

That value of beauty is still alive today with some and can be seen along the shore of Shandong province, where women have been wearing the coverings that have openings for their eyes, nose and mouth.

As an added benefit, the masks are credited with protecting against insects and jellyfish, the Daily Mail said.


Face-kinis In Style In Qingdao


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