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Facelift Bungee Claims To Make Women Look 10 Years Younger, Confuses Us (WATCH)

Striving to look young is a practice much older than modern plastic surgery. Even though most people seeking the fountain of youth either go under the knife or opt for Botox, it looks like one woman is hoping to make reducing wrinkles a cheaper and more accessible pursuit.

Kim Aschauer created the Facelift Bungee after going to a plastic surgery consultation and being shocked by the "outrageous" prices. "I created this out of pure panic," she told "Good Morning America." The Facelift Bungee is a $25 bungee cord with a comb at each end that fastens to the sides of the wearer's face and literally stretches the skin back. If that sounds confusing, here's a step-by-step how-to:

  1. Make two small braids at each temple
  2. Fasten the first comb to one braid
  3. Bring the bungee cord around and fasten the other comb to the second braid
  4. "Voila, 10 years off your face!"

We can't figure out how this couldn't be the most painful thing ever created, but the founder says that it doesn't cause anymore pain than a "ponytail headache." Ok, so maybe Aschauer has a higher pain threshold than we do because we're pretty sure we've never worn a casual hairstyle that gave us a headache.

Also, what happens if the tiny braids succumb to the pressure and get yanked out? Or if you flip your hair and people notice that there's a bizarre rubber bungee wrapped around your head? And we're not plastic surgeons, but it seems like stretching your skin for hours on end would only make your skin looser.

What do you think of the Facelift Bungee? Watch the video below and tell us if you'd try it.

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