iPhone Facepalm Emoji Arrives Just In Time For U.S. Election

It's the emoji America deserves.

If the 2016 U.S. presidential election could be summed up in one emoji, it would definitely be the facepalm. Until now, no such character was available to iPhone users.

But the next iPhone software update will finally reflect our feelings on this year’s political fever dream. Though it’s not officially released, Apple made a beta version of iOS 10.2 available to developers on Monday which confirmed that, yes, the facepalm emoji is on its way. 

No matter who wins, millions of iPhone users will no doubt find the new emoji useful.

Other notable newcomers include an avocado and a selfie-taker. Unicode, the developers’ group behind the emojis, first announced 72 new graphics in June. 

iPhone users can get access to new software through Apple’s developer program, which costs $99 a year. Apple hasn’t said when the bulk of users will receive the update, though.