Faggots and Pot in State Washington

I Love a Faggot.

I Am a Faggot.

Looking to Start Anew,
We Faggots Traveled
to the State of Washington.

Each Damaged,
We Were
Happy Faggots.

In the State of Washington,
We Happy Faggots
Inhaled Pot.

A Happy Faggot Writer,
I WROTE to my People
about my Happy Faggot Pot Experiences.

My Happy Faggot Pot Experiences
Enraged an Antagonist;
An Antagonist within
My Family.

An Antagonist Family Member who:
Idolizes the Davis Confederacy of 1861-1865
Regrets Hurricane Katrina Couldn't do More
Recoils in Disgust when Men Hug

With Malice of Forethought
Antagonist Confederate Family Member
"Lovingly" informs:

Faggot's Friends
Faggot's Facebook
Faggot's Hotel and
Most Malevolent of All
The Faggot I Love

That All Would be Wise

The Love of the Happy Damaged THC Faggots
is Ruptured.

Damaged, THC Faggot Writer was Evicted
and Slept on a Wet Sidewalk