'Fahrenheit 451' Cover Designs (PHOTOS)

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a classic work about the burning of books. There have been dozens of different international editions, yet two websites separately came across different cover designs in the past couple of days that are as strange as they are perfectly apt.

Firstly, on the ever-entertaining books subreddit, this design appeared, created by Elizabeth Perez, created for the Austin Creative Department.

It contains a match in the cover and a striking board printed on the spine.

fahrenheit 451 cover

fahrenheit 451 cover

Perez told us via email, "His short stories really inspired me when I was younger, so I wanted to try to show my respect and make an homage to him. My first attempt was a visual design of a book that looked like a lit candle, but it wasn't strong enough to send the message of Fahrenheit 451. My teacher, Will Chau, pushed me think further on this design, and it eventually hit me that the book itself could be on fire."

The other cover, spotted by io9, was one of a limited edition of 200 bound in asbestos.

fahrenheit 451 cover

You can buy one for $20,000 (plus $4 for shipping).

A month ago, Simon and Schuster held a competition to design a new cover, with some fantastic results.

How would you design the cover of an edition of Fahrenheit 451? Let us know in the comments!