UK Launches The Fairphone, The World's First Ethical Smartphone (VIDEO)

This Smartphone Will Make You Feel Less Guilty About Smartphones

Owning this smartphone will, without a doubt, make you feel like a better person.

Recently released at the London Design Festival, the Fairphone has been outfitted for equality in every possible way.

The body of the phone is made of tin and tantalum taken from conflict-free mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The company, which is a spinoff from Medialab Waag Society, also boasts dedication to worker's welfare, ensuring that everyone from the miners to the factory workers earns a fair living wage in hospitable working conditions.

Fairphone donates a portion of each sale to Closing the Loop, a program that advocates for the recycling and reuse of cell phones. The company also has plans to institute a buyback program for users interested in trading in their current phone for a Fairphone.

The project had initially only aimed to sell 5,000 phones, but they soon upped the production number to 25,000. A total of 14,984 of these have already been pre-ordered.

The Dutch phone is also adaptable for each user. It comes with an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system but allows any other to be used so there's no need to jailbreak or unlock your phone.

“As a designer, it disturbed me that no one in the world truly understands how a mobile phone is made and when you don’t understand how something is made, you can’t change it," Bas van Abel, Fairphone's founder and CEO said in a press release.

Each Fairphone costs €325 or about $434.

"Consuming is a political act.. if you have a choice," van Abel said. "With Fairphone I want to offer buyers this choice, while raising the bar for the industry. By buying this phone, you join a movement to change the way things are made."

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