Fairy Gardens are the Tiny Solution for Gardening Addicts in Autumn

Don't worry about missing out on tending to your beds; take this opportunity to flit away to your fantasy garden by making your very own miniature Fairy Garden!
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You've still got some time, but that colder weather isn't far off, and if you live in your garden, that might be tough to take. But don't worry about missing out on tending to your beds; take this opportunity to flit away to your fantasy garden by making your very own miniature Fairy Garden! Use any old container, and fill it with soil, some succulents, and just a bit of magic, for a tiny world of delicate floral beauty and make-believe gardening fun. Take a look at the whimsical examples here for inspiration!

1. A World in a Book

Garden in a Book via Hometalker Christina Pennywise

Once you're already dreaming, there's no reason to hold back! Jump right into the genre, with a fairy garden in a fantasy book. Nesting a miniature garden in a hollowed out book is one sure way to bring the fiction to life.

2. Tinkerbell House

Lantern Turned Fairy Garden via Hometalker Adrianne Surian

In the original production of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell was a spot of light, which flitted about the room. This fairy garden pays homage to that, by admitting that there is no home more fitting for a fairy than a repurposed lantern. And as we learned in Peter Pan, children have the real advantage when it comes to pretending, so let your little ones help you decorate with miniatures.

3. Royal Inspired Garden

Royal Garden via Hometalker Sarah Williams

Sometimes, gardens are more than the sum of their parts. This royal fairy garden is a miniature collection of small plants and flowers, but it is also a quaint celebration of the royal birth! Hey, if a fairy can live there, who's to ban princes and princesses?

4. Dreamy Deck Decor

Fairy Garden in a Container via Hometalker Danni B

While a large container is just a big pot to us, it's a continent in fairy gardening. Wide and deep pots provide ample space for the plants and herbs to stretch their roots down into the soil. In this design, it's important to remember that plants will grow and fill in, so place your pieces wisely.

5. Secluded Rustic Getaway

Charmed Rustic Getaway via Hometalker Barb Rosen

But what if you don't have a big container or you're limited for space? Add some pebbles, charcoal, and potting soil to a small jar, and nestle tiny plants in snugly for a secluded rustic getaway. Blanket the soil with moss, and then place a mini statue or figurine in your terrarium to make it your own.

6. Delightful Details

Creating a Fairy Garden via Hometalker The Everyday Home

In this inviting garden, no one's home, but from the looks of it, they might come back soon. This design attests to the fact that any rusty antique gate or white wrought iron patio chair can be mimicked with fine precision in miniature, to create a pocket-sized dream garden in lieu of a life-sized one.

7. Twee Gardens

Add Plants Indoors via Hometalker Two Green Thumbs Media Garden Center

If the fairy side of the miniature garden isn't really your style, try an idea like this "twee garden" temporary rooting counter top planter instead. Place a glass bottle with plant cuttings and water in a bigger display container and cover it over with stones and sand, a small garden path, and a miniature wooden bench, for the smallest drop of whimsy.

8. Contained Terrarium

Colorful Terrarium Tutorial via Hometalker House of Hawthornes

This design is also ideal for a small space, like a bathroom ledge or a cramped kitchen shelf. Just upcycle an old jar by giving the steel top some color and arranging a tiny landscape within the transparent walls of your terrarium.

9. Magical Mobile Home

Suitcase Fairy Garden via Hometalker Empress of Dirt

There are so many fun ways to make new use out of an antique, but this suitcase fairy garden is a true stroke of creative genius. It's tough to get much cuter than a quaint cottage scene sprouting from a printed vintage suitcase. It makes you wonder if there's another suitcase in that mini hut, filled with an even smaller home...

If that did indeed get you wondering, don't stop there! Wonder your way to your own fairy garden or container garden, with some more inspiration and direction from the Hometalk community, by visiting our Container Garden topic page.

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