Faith Moves Mountains on the Keynote TV Show

2016-05-09-1462817933-1687214-ScreenShot20150909at11.53.53PM.jpg The Keynote TV show participants with host Delatorro L. McNeal, II

Today's media landscape may cause some people to wonder whether media is imitating life or if life is imitating media. Sometimes it can seem as if we are witnessing headline after headline and reality show after reality show, project some overwhelmingly negative, stereotypical, and undesirable messages on the airwaves. Starting May 10 at 9 p.m. (EST), viewers can log on to to witness a reality series that aims to reverse that trend.

"The Keynote is an inspirational approach to reality TV that focuses on bringing the best out of people as rather than exploiting their worst," offers Delatorro McNeal, II, peak performance expert and the show's executive producer. "TV is the most powerful medium in the world. It was challenging to get this responsible and inspirational content on the network level. So, we took it into our own hands to bring this concept to the world."

For six weeks, viewers will meet the nine participants competing for an opportunity to realize their ambitions. Instead of focusing on the mess , this show will highlight messages of hope, inspiration, and empowerment. No one is eliminated, everyone evolves throughout the series. One participant used faith to overcome fear.

"It was life changing for me to be around so many like-minded, forward thinkers at one time and then Delatorro would come in the room and take it to a completely higher level," declared Mel Keyes, a Keynote participant, and pastor of Joshua House of Worship Ministries in San Antonio, Texas. " The positive challenges, teamwork, and even the friendly competitions were all in good taste, fun , and for personal development. Everyone serious about their God-given vision needs life changing moments like these to give birth to their greatest selves."

Keyes plans to use the skills he enhanced during the program to serve others. The Texas-based minister offers this three-step guide to creating mountain moving faith:

Faith Accelerates Your Purpose: "Over and over again we skip right over how foundational this is. Some of us spend and waste mountains of time, blood, sweat and tears because we have never taken the time through prayer, meditation, study, worship, fellowship, fasting and other spiritual principles to even know what our purpose is. Here's something to think about: what good is it to move mountains if it is the wrong mountain that is being moved? Don't waste another season of your life striving to move the wrong mountains."

Faith is Best Used in Service: "Your faith will become a real, mountain moving muscle when you use it to serve and be a blessing to others. Too many people have not discovered how serving others is the most powerful way for really tapping into their own greatness. Friend, nothing will put pure, mountain moving muscle on your faith like laying down your life and gifting in genuine service to others. When you are busy giving your strength in service to others, you are bound to get stronger in the process."

Faith Enhances Your Network:
"Your faith will become a real mountain moving muscle when you continue to develop it and cultivate it through your connection to other great people who are determined to always bring the best out of you. This, my friend, is what "The Keynote" experience was all about. We are all lifetime students and coaches at the same time but it something special, powerful and transforming about getting into the company of like-minded individuals who are intentional about bringing out the best in you and refusing to settle for anything less."

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