Faithful Shopper: Lovely Luggage

With the busiest travel week of the year - Thanksgiving -- coming momentarily, now is the time to invest in a nice piece or set of luggage that will impress your relatives. And traveling in style has never been easier, thanks to retailers that excel in finely crafted bags of all sizes and shapes that will let everyone know that you've made it!

T. Anthony - 445 Park Avenue
T. Anthony's luggage are feats of stunning hand craftsmanship and quality - as customers who've included Jacqueline Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and Elton John have attested for decades!

Coach - Multiple locations
Designer Stuart Vevers has breathed new life into this venerated American brand, marrying the classic leather and designs with some brilliant color. From backpacks to cabin bags to duffles, arrive in great casual style!

Ghurka - 781 Fifth Avenue - Prince Street
All-American quality and craftsmanship, whether you select twill or leather, duffels or suitcases. These pieces are classics that will carry you through business and casual travel for decades to come.

Hartmann - 520 Madison Avenue
For more than 135 years, Hartmann has created chic, durable luggage and leather goods that are completely contemporary and innovative (they pioneered the business suit compartment), yet utterly timeless. Become a part of the legacy.

Hermès - 691 Madison Avenue - 15 Broad Street
You expect extraordinary quality and materials from Hermès, and you'll pay accordingly. But they're also beautifully organized with pockets for everything!

Mitsosa Luggage - Multiple locations
Spinners, carry-ons and more from various brands (Bric's, Tumi, Hartmann and more) in various colors and at different price points. Whether you need something for under $100, or can spend in the thousands, they have it here.

Tumi - Multiple locations
Solid-steel screws, nylon fabric that never shows wear, and a variety of sizes and styles make Tumi one of the go-to brands for business travelers. Have the same security for your voyages, too!

Louis Vuitton - 1 East 57th Street - 116 Greene Street
A bag or trunk from here is a sure sign of success. But its durability also makes it a practical investment - a truck once ran over one of my Vuitton bags, and you'd never know!

Coming soon:

Goyard - 20 East 63rd Street
Currently available at Barneys and Bergdorf, this descendant from an 18th century trunk maker to French aristocracy continues the tradition of finely crafted, customized bags and trunks by controlling every part of the manufacturing process. You may not become a duchess, but you can travel like one! Look for the boutique in coming months.

Rimowa - 535 Madison Avenue
Lightweight yet strong and elegant, Rimowa has defined practical travel since the late 19th century. It was the first to create aluminum trunks, waterproof cases, polycarbonate bags and more. The brand is available in many luxury stores, but look for its first boutique shortly.


One of Italy's premier luggage makers, Bric's bags are made for the person on the go, using state-of-the art manufacturing techniques, a choice of materials including fabric, leather, nylon and microsuede, and sophisticated styles.

A piece or three from any of the above will carry your clothes and gifts safely and stylishly. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!