Faithful Shopper: Turn Back Time

Maybe it's because spring is finally occasionally in the air, or because Daylight Savings Time has kicked in, but right now time - and beautiful ways of telling time - is on my mind. Whether you need a beautiful new clock for the mantle or foyer, or something wonderful for your wrist, a visit to any of these shops will help you keep track of your day!

Time in Your House

MOMA - 11 West 53rd Street
A wonderful place for the clean and contemporary, with just that extra touch of style, many very affordable!

Ipswich Watch & Clock Shop - 334 East 9th Street - No web site
Spectacular service to repair your watches and clocks - it's not that easy to find!

Jonathan Snellenburg - 580 Madison Avenue
The clocks here range from traditional grandfather and wall pieces to extraordinary urns and more. These are more than timepieces, they're objets d'art.

Time Pieces, Inc. - 115 Greenwich Avenue
Both a repair and restoration shop, and a retailer of lovely antique watches and grandfather clocks, this store has been operated for 30 years by sisters trained in Europe. They're doing their best to keep alive this rapidly disappearing craft.

1-800-4CLOCKS - 15 Vanderbilt Avenue
The name may imply an Internet or telephone-only shop, but the company is operating out of its offices by appointment only as it plans to relocate its Grand Central Terminal store.

Time on Your Hand

William Barthman - 176 Broadway - 1118 Kings Highway, Brooklyn
Nearly every fine manufacturer can be found at this New York treasure, selling jewelry and timepieces since 1884. (And the official jeweler of the Brooklyn Nets!)

Tourneau - 510 Madison Avenue - 12 East 57th Street
Sell or repair your old watch, buy a new (or antique) one - this is timepiece central, with something for everyone at nearly every price point.

Cartier - 653 Fifth Avenue
Its tank watch is rightly a legend, but there are many more styles to choose from. Whether you want something with gems or a more simple style, nothing makes you more fashionable than Cartier.

Breitling - 5 East 57th Street
Want something high tech, worthy of and used by aviators? Breitling's high-tech, high-performance watches are the gold standard - though the company itself was founded in 1884, nearly two decades before the Age of Aviation.

IWC Schaffhausen - 535 Madison Avenue
Another old European name (founded in 1868), now with U.S. boutiques, IWC Schaffhausen brings Swiss precision to exquisite design.

Happy Shopping!