Tina Lunn Arrested After Giving Cops Fake Name Of Wanted Person: Cops

Pro Tip: If you give cops a fake name, make sure it's not that of a person wanted for more serious crimes than the small infraction you're accused of committing.

Boston transit police were slapping Tina Lunn with a citation for smoking in a non-smoking area, when she allegedly tried to avoid any penalties by giving a fake name and birth date.

Although the officer informed Lunn about the arrest warrant, she didn't reveal that she had given a fake name. In fact, she went through the entire booking process using her new assumed name, reports.

Eventually, officers discovered Lunn's real identity.

Officers said they also discovered that Lunn had several warrants out under her real name, including three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, larceny, and illegal possession of chemical mace, according to

Lunn was then booked under her real name and charged with brandishing a false name, She was also given a citation for smoking, according to police.