Fake Butt Doctors Plead Guilty, But Avoid Prison Time In Botched Bum-Injection Case

Hopefully, this Florida couple has corrupted their last keister.

Bogus butt doctors Samela and Pedro Hernandez pleaded guilty to practicing medicine without a license Thursday. NBC Miami reports that the Hialeah, Florida couple will serve two years of house arrest, with permission to leave for work, plus payment of restitution.

The couple were arrested in December 2012 after an investigation revealed they ran an illegal clinic out of their home. There, they gave clients posterior injections of a dangerous, silicone-based solution imported from Colombia that is banned in the United States because it has been found to cause cancer, Local 10 reported at the time.

One of their clients tipped off detectives when the implants the Hernandezes gave her became “deformed and sensitive,” according to Hialeah police.

The couple's lawyer insisted that most of the couples clients were satisfied with their procedures -- even though they were illegal. Samela Hernandez had worked in the thriving buttocks implant market in Colombia, he told the Miami Herald.

"Of the hundreds of patients, only one person came forward to complain," lawyer Robert Perez told the newspaper. "Everyone else was satisfied with their posteriors."



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