Fake Death Marriage Proposal: Alexey Bykov Faked His Own Death To Propose

One Russian man's marriage proposal had his intended bride thinking more about "'til death do us part" than "I do."

Orange News reports that Alexey Bykov hired a director, stuntmen, make up artists and a scriptwriter to help him fake his own death in a car accident before proposing to his girlfriend, Irena Kolokov.

Bykov asked Kolokov to meet him at a designated spot, but when she arrived she saw Bykov on the ground, covered in blood and seemingly killed in a car crash. Kolokov immediately burst into tears when she saw him lying "dead," as an actor-paramedic told her, among the mangled cars.

But Bykov jumped back to life before her eyes and proposed to her on the spot.

"I wanted her to realize how empty her life would be without me and how life would have no meaning without me," he told Orange News.

Another man took a leap of faith and jumped from a building before proposing to his girlfriend in 2011 -- or so we thought until the stunt was revealed to be an ad campaign.

Would you say yes to a gory proposal like Bykov's? Tell us in the comments!

Click through the slideshow below to see photos from Bykov's proposal.

Fake Death Proposal

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