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How To Make Fake Eyelashes Look Real (VIDEO)

As a beauty editor, one of the feats I'm most proud of accomplishing is applying fake eyelashes. You're probably thinking this should be easy for someone who has spent so much time backstage at fashion week, and being within chewing gum-range of top makeup artists as they add a bit of fringe to models' eyes. But there's a huge difference between runway (even red carpet) faux lashes and those worn every day.

In the video above, New Beauty's Anna Jimenez taps celebrity makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian to spill her secrets to the ins and outs of false lashes. For the most natural look, she likes using individual eyelashes as they work best to fill in and help eyes appear more open and alert. Girls with almost nonexistent lashes can benefit from the full strip. However, there is a major step that most women get wrong: not applying your eye makeup first. Chang-Babaian recommends curling your own lashes first, then applying mascara to give the falsies something to stick to.

Mirror and head positioning are other important elements to consider when putting on fake eyelashes. The pro advises holding a mirror directly in front of your face with your chin up so you can see top of lashes. Working off the back of your hand, dip lash into glue, allow to dry for 10 seconds and press onto lash line. If you want elongated lashes, Chang-Babaian suggests focusing on the outside corners. For a doe-eyed effect, stick to the center of the eye. To up the drama for nighttime, add a few lashes on the outer eye sections and bottom.

Her final tip: It's always easier to add than it is to take away. Start with two or three individual lashes, step back, then decide if you should continue.

What do you think about these tips for fake eyelashes? What's your secret to making your flutter look real? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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