Fake Celebrity Chef Stages Food Network Event, Scams 300 Attendees

It was revealed a few years ago that the host of Food Network's Dinner Impossible, Robert Irvine, had faked his resume. Now, a faux celebrity chef faked (poorly) a non-sanctioned Food Network event titled "Dinner Impossible BBQ."

Leonard “Lenny” Ruebeck, 20, from New Castle, Delaware solicited nearly $10,000, at $35 per ticket, from Carneys Point, New Jersey residents. Ruebeck claimed the event would feature Bobby Flay, Paula Deen, Rachael Ray...and Robert Irvine. In publicizing the event, Ruebeck wore a Food Network chef's jacket and a medallion that he claimed to have won on Iron Chef.

Ruebeck taught cooking classes, despite not having many of the basic skills required of a chef. In fact, he completed only two quarters of work at the culinary program of The Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2010. Residents grew suspicious about Ruebeck's credentials and were able to confirm that Ruebeck had no association with the network.

Ruebeck will return all of the money.

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