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Fake It Without Baking It: Sunless Tan Tips for Your Red Life

You'll notice that people will start saying, "Wow, I didn't know redheads could tan!" You should smile and say, "It is crazy, right?" It can be our little secret.
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Many natural redheads are born with pale and sensitive skin. Embrace it! Your skin is beautiful and if you take care of it, you'll age flawlessly and look years younger than your peers. The only time this whole "embracement" can be difficult is during the summertime. When I was growing up, I always suffered during the sun-bathing months because I so badly wanted to look bronzed like my friends all of whom had beautiful olive skin. But, throughout the years, I've learned how to fake it and, I must add, fake it well.

First and foremost, I am not a sun worshiper, but certainly look just as tan as my friends. Second, my tan is never orangey and always looks natural with my vibrant red hair (I must add this part because Lindsay Lohan certainly ruined the sunless tan look back in the day).

It is now time for you to break out of the mindset that just because you can't genetically tan that you aren't allowed to look bronzed. Believe me, it is not a crime for a redhead to have a little glow.

Here are some of the many ways I keep my skin looking like I just stepped off the beach:

1. Professional Spray Tan: This is my favorite because a professional is actually spraying on your tan and making sure that there are no missing areas and it's even. I read reviews online and seek out the best places in my neighborhood. You'll normally get asked, "How dark do you want to go?" I always recommend anyone with fair skin asking for a "medium tan." After the tan is applied, you're told to wait to shower for eight hours; when you do, you'll notice a layer of the tan will wash off and your skin will look even and you'll feel like a tanned goddess. Tip: Just because you look tan, do not forget to apply sunscreen because your skin will still burn.

2. Creams, No Oils: Sunless tanners are usually heavy on the use of chemicals because the product is actually dying your skin. I always preach to my red ladies to stay clear of intense chemicals because it will cause breakouts and rashes, and to use cream-based products instead of oil-based products. Why? Creams are a bit gentler on the skin and from my experience, the results are always much better.

3. Gradual Products: In the past five years, gradual tanners have become very popular. I love traveling with Jergens Natural Glow because I apply it throughout my trip and by the time I return home everyone is asking, "Did you go on vacation?"

4. Turn to Nature: Part of being a Redhead Beauty Expert is discovering tricks that work wonders without the use of heavy sulfates/paragons; usually, I turn to nature for the perfect recommendation. There are actually two ways you can keep your skin tan with the use of some common products you all keep in your kitchen: coffee and cocoa powder. If you brew a SUPER strong cup of coffee, let it cool and add in a bowl with the same amount of unscented, but heavy lotion. Add the thick coffee/lotion concoction to your skin and you'll notice it will start to stain your skin (just as it stains our teeth) as you rub it in. Or, use pure cocoa power instead of coffee grinds. I find that coffee is more effective and the best part is that the caffeine from the coffee helps break up cellulite. It is a win-win!

You'll notice that people will start saying, "Wow, I didn't know redheads could tan!" You should smile and say, "It is crazy, right?"

It can be our little secret.

Rock it like a Redhead!