'Fake Klay Thompson' Shows He Can Actually Shoot In NBA Finals Trespassing Video

The impostor, who was banned from the Chase Center, showed his entertaining adventure in a viral YouTube clip.

Fake Klay Thompson can hit from 3. At least according to the viral video the impostor, aka YouTuber Dawson Gurley, shared Tuesday of him fooling security and warming up on the Golden State Warriors’ home court before Game 5 of the NBA Finals this week. He was later banned from the facility. (Watch the clip below.)

The footage shows Fake Klay sinking jump shots and layups in a near-empty Chase Center and even going deep from the 3-point line. Hey, if you’re gonna get semi-famous impersonating the sharp-shooting Warriors guard, you might as well be able to nail a few long-range baskets when you get a chance to play where the real NBA standout does.

The hilarious vid also tracks the hours before the stunt, when a bartender tells Gurley that he isn’t sure his lookalike customer can pull it off. It also covers the impostor’s unquestioned entry through the team member entrance and onto the court. Gurley says he was shooting “mad bricks,” but at least the clip shows him making shot after shot. After a missed layup, he is called out by personnel and gently thrown out of the arena.

The YouTuber is then approached by police officers. He appears to get a pat-down by plainclothes types and a civil talking-to by a Chase Center employee, who serves him the ban.

Gurley continues to fake out fans in the video. But even Fake Klay Thompson has his limits.

When a woman tells him she’s a doctor caring for pediatric patients, he comes clean: “Just so you know, I’m not actually Klay.”

She was thrilled to meet Fake Klay Thompson just the same.

The real Thompson and the Warriors lead the Boston Celtics, three games to two, in the best-of-seven NBA Finals.

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