'Fake Lukas van Praag': Goldman Sachs's Notorious PR Chief Gets Lampooned On Twitter

'Fake Lukas van Praag': Goldman Sachs's Notorious PR Chief Gets Lampooned On Twitter

Goldman Sachs's acid-tongued public relations chief, Lucas van Praag, has recently been the subject of a lengthy profile, a host of blog posts and, now, a fake Twitter account.

Van Praag is known for his colorful language and bellicose treatment of journalists, a style that the Epicurean Dealmaker has suggested might do more to alienate than endear Goldman to the masses: Van Praag's rhetorical flourishes -- which he delivers "with a studied and almost ornate verbal style that conveys the message that not only are you wrong, but also he is smarter and better-educated than you" -- may work well in the United Kingdom, the Epicurean Dealmaker argues, but in the U.S., the style falls flat:

If you doubt me, just look at the inarticulate clods we elect to public office. Most of these morons cannot even deliver a coherent speech, much less bandy about gerunds and subjunctive clauses in the midst of a heated argument. Most Americans would probably try to impeach them if they did. This is just not a country where you can use words like "egregious," "febrile," and "chimera" in public without running the risk of being lynched for general asshattery.

And it's precisely his style that Fake Lucas Van Praag seems to so fancy caricaturing:

"Gather ye snickers while ye may, but investors love our debt whilst rivals rest peacefully on catafalque of mediocrity. http://bit.ly/dy3ecW"

Then there are these gems:

"Lunch: Filet of baby seal, asparagus. Back on my low-carb diet.

"Ahem. Goldman is on Fortune's list of Most Admired Companies. Print is not dead! It serves at the pleasure of Lucas."

Check out Fake Lucas Van Praag on Twitter.

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