If Politics Have You Feelin' Down, Grab A 'Fake News Ale'

As if we needed another reason to move to Canada...

In 2017, there are a plethora of reasons one may want to imbibe. Luckily, one brewery has provided you with both a reason to drink, and the drink itself.

Toronto craft brewer, Northern Maverick, has created “Fake News Ale” to “offer a respite from the bleak political developments of late.”

“Fake News Ale” is described as “an easy-drinking beer” that is perfect for “long discussions over world events with friends” and pairs well with “small hands, striking comb overs, huge egos and all things Mexican.”

Subtle, we know.

The Canadian company is donating 5 percent of every can of “Fake News Ale” sold to “help reverse a questionable policy.” They will invite potential buyers to nominate and vote for which cause will receive the charitable donation on their website in the upcoming weeks.  

You can snag the beer in Northern Maverick’s Bathurst brewery/restaurant, their onsite beer shop, and through direct delivery in Ontario.

So, cheers! Here’s hoping World War III doesn’t start anytime soon.



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