'Fake News' Added To Oxford English Dictionary — Really

Although "fake news" was popularized by Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election campaign, the term actually dates back to 1890.

Donald Trump bandies about the term “fake news” so much, it’s no surprise the Oxford English Dictionary is now recognizing it as an official word.

However, the OED doesn’t want the president to take credit for coining the term, which it says has been around for more than a century.

The OED announced the real news about “fake news” on Twitter Wednesday morning, and offered a bit of history to boot.

Other words that finally made the cut in the OED include “slam-dunk,” “promposal” and “circle jerk.”

Trump may have not coined “fake news,” but he’s continuing to add strange new words to his own personal dictionary, including his latest, “wirch.”

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