Scotland Hasn't Declared Independence Yet, But These Artists Have

On Thursday, Scottish voters will head to the polls to weigh in on whether or not the country will become independent of the United Kingdom.

A posse of prank artists, meanwhile, seem to have already decided Scotland's destiny.

Corralled by photographer Jon Parker Lee, the group of English and Scottish artist friends hoped to make light of the intense debate by propping up a fake passport checkpoint on Monday where the A68 highway crosses from England into Scotland.

A video published yesterday by The Telegraph captures Lee and his friends dressed as phony border patrol agents at the fake checkpoint, where signs read "Scottish Border Agency Passport Control" and "Opens 19 Sept 2014."

"The debate needed a bit of a joke," Lee says in the video. "We thought it could do with a light moment."

The latest polls ahead of Thursday's vote show Scotland's independence referendum is at a dead heat. Check out HuffPost's primer on the vote for more.