Twitter's Trump Dump Inspires Brilliant Parodies

"Hello I am brand new to Twitter. What are you guys up to?" asks "John Barron."

Twitter’s permanent ban on Donald Trump Friday triggered a surge of comedic creativity on the social media platform, including the birth of a deliciously deadpan “John Barron” parody account.

The fake account mocked Trump’s desperate attempts to message somewhere, anywhere after he was silenced by Twitter. Like a game of whack-a-mole, real Trump quickly tweeted from the official White House account Friday, but those messages were quickly deleted. When Trump popped up again to use the @TeamTrump campaign account, it was suspended.

That inspired the ersatz account for “John Barron,” the fake persona Trump formerly used to talk to the press as his own spokesperson. The Twitter account features a profile photo of a mustachioed Trump next to a McDonald’s sign — and links to its creator, Emmy-winning writer and producer Krister Johnson. When Johnson checked “Barron’s” direct messages, he discovered hundreds of people actually believe the Barron account is the real Donald Trump.

“Hello I am brand new to Twitter. What are you guys up to?” “Barron” innocently tweeted Friday. He wondered: “Do people still use MySpace? Asking for a friend (not me).”

Fake Trump Twitter account
Fake Trump Twitter account
Screen Shot/Twitter/John Barron

The Barron account racked up nearly 400,000 followers by Saturday evening.

Other wits on Twitter vowed to be sentinels and keep watch on the accounts of close Trump pals to make certain they wouldn’t be invaded by the president.

Others simply luxuriated in the sweet silence.

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