FakeMegynKelly: Pepper Spray Comments Inspire Twitter Hashtag

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly caused a stir on Monday's "O'Reilly Factor" when she stated that the pepper spray used on seated UC Davis students was, "a food product, essentially."

Considering the overwhelming public concern regarding the incident, Kelly quickly realized she'd said something inflammatory and added that the spray was "obviously abrasive and intrusive" -- but that hasn't stopped the Internet from having their fun with her.

Slacktory has started a petition for Kelly to eat pepper spray live on the air in order to prove that it is, in fact, a food item, and a Twitter hashtag called #FakeMegynKelly has picked up a lot of steam.

The game is more or less to take something objectively horrible and try to give it a light and silly spin, and if the momentum it's built up this morning is any indicator, it's just getting started.

We've rounded up some of our favorites for you to check out. Be sure to vote for the ones you think are best and let us know what you think in the comments.

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