What Happened When We Dressed A Conservative Banker In The Top Fall 2012 Fashion Trends (PHOTOS)

As editors here at HuffPost Style, we are privy to the latest fashion trends as they come down the runways. We don't blink twice at pink hair, stiletto nails and latex bodysuits. We quickly adjust our wardrobes to reflect the newest styles, showing up at our offices in clothes and accessories that make work tasks like typing a cumbersome challenge. No matter what, we think that we look fierce. The outside world, however, may have a different opinion on the matter.

We brought in one such fashion outsider to get her take on the biggest trends for fall 2012. Kara is an executive in the banking industry, and her daily look tends to be on the conservative side: skirt suits, blazers and dark pants. Adorable in her own right, Kara always manages to inject some of her style into the staid office dress code. But putting her into very fashion-forward outfits illicited some funny (and forthcoming) views on what we fashion editors think is so fabulous.

Check out our gallery below as we take this fish out of water and drop her into a pool of peplums, brocade and more of fall 2012's top trends.

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