Fall-Flavored Beer Cocktails That'll Turn Up Thanksgiving

Finally, something you can do with all those pumpkin beers. 🎃

We're smack dab in the middle of fall, which means two things. 1. The hurricane of holiday parties is swirling right around the corner and 2. Your local beer aisle has reached peak levels of seasonal beer mayhem.

So how about getting creative with all those bottles of pumpkin- and apple-spiced everything?

Since mixing beer (especially flavored ones) with liquor can be a bit tricky, we turned to the experts at Brew'd, a pub in Honolulu that specializes in craft beer cocktails, for a little guidance.

"It's all about enhancing the flavor of the beer by using different ingredients," Adam Golash, the pub's beverage director, told The Huffington Post.

When coming up with your own concoction, Golash suggests thinking of the beer's flavor as a food item, instead of a beverage.

If you have a pumpkin flavor, for example, think about what you'd add to a pumpkin pie. For most seasonal beers, such as apple ales, Golash suggests using a bourbon because "you get little hints of vanilla." Spice flavors, like cinnamon or spiced rum, work well, too.

As far as the pouring ratio goes, Golash sticks (roughly) to half and half: half beer, half everything else.

Below, seven tasty beer cocktails that will turn up any seasonal soirée. Make sure you check out the Apple Pumpkin Bourbon and the Double Rumpkin, which were made specially for HuffPost by Brew'd.

Apple Cider Pumpkin Shandy
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The 2-Ingredient Pumpkin Ale Cocktail
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Apple Pie Moscow Mule
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Pumpkin Ale Ice Cream Float
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The Apple Beermosa
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Apple Pumpkin Bourbon
Recipe by Brew'd:

3/4 oz. lemon juice (3 lemon wedges squeezed)
2 oz. OutCider Unfiltered Hard Apple Cider (or any hard apple cider)
3 oz. Samuel Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin
Top off the drink with Old Forester Kentucky Bourbon (or your bourbon of choice)

Squeeze three lemon wedges into glass over ice. Add hard apple cider and pumpkin beer, and mix. Top off with splash of bourbon. Serve with a smile and, preferably, a slice of apple pie.
The Double Rumpkin
HuffPost Hawaii
Recipe by Brew'd:

3 oz. Samuel Adams Fat Jack Double Pumpkin Beer
1/2 oz. Captain Morgan Private Stock Spiced Rum
1/2 oz. Rogue Hazelnut Spiced Rum
3/4 oz. orange juice

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, mix a few times, and pour into your favorite glass. Enjoy with your favorite aunt.
BONUS: Simple Pumpkin Spiced Cinnamon Rim
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