Fall Coffee Drinks: Which Is Best? Calories, Nutrition And More

Pumpkin Lattes, Apple Cider And More: What'sIn Your Seasonal Fall Drinks?

As New York Magazine recently proclaimed, pumpkin is the new bacon. The newly ubiquitous flavoring is a popular option for the lineup of fall seasonal drinks at national coffeehouses like Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts and Tim Horton's.

But whether it's a pumpkin latte or a spiced apple cider, these festive drinks can hide fat, sugar and calories amidst the evocative, limited-time flavors. We've listed a few of the most common offenders, all size medium unless otherwise noted, with more sugar than candy bars and enough fat to make a serious dent in your daily allowance.

To combat calorie-laden drinks, the CDC recommends choosing the smallest size, replacing whole milk with skim where appropriate and forgoing the whipped cream. Unfortunately, they recommend skipping flavor syrups (how your pumpkin mocha latte is created) altogether.

Not ready to let go of fall's fab flavors? At least know what you're getting yourself into:

Starbucks' Grande Caramel Apple Spice With Whipped Cream

Seasonal Fall Drinks, Decoded

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