The Must-Have Color For Fall, Plus 4 More Hot Fashion Trends (VIDEO)

Adam Glassman, creative director at O, The Oprah Magazine, keeps his finger on the pulse of fashion, sorting through the hottest trends each season to find the must-haves that work for real women. While on Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend tour, Glassman shared his five favorite pieces for fall that will easily complement your existing wardrobe.

The Color of the Season

own ownshow adam glassman fall trend sangria

This fall, it's all about the color sangria. "It can be maroon, it can be a sort of reddish, it can be a merlot," Glassman says in the above video. "Just mix all your wines up and you're ready to go."

Go for Gold

own ownshow adam glassman fall trend gold

Set your silver aside -- Glassman is loving shades of gold this season. Stack a few bangles in a variety of yellow and rose gold metals on your wrist.

Lighten Up

own ownshow adam glassman fall trend bag

"The bag of the season is a smaller bag with a top handle," Glassman says. "They're super cute and they're really easy, and they don't break your back." For those of us who can't imagine downsizing, Glassman says it's time to re-think all of that stuff you've been carrying around. "Lighten your load!" he instructs.

Walk This Way

own ownshow adam glassman fall trend boot

Ankle boots are in – leave the sky-high stilettos heel at home. "It's all about the bootie, but it's all about a comfortable, sensible stacked heel," Glassman says.

Wrap It Up

own ownshow adam glassman fall trend scarf

Glassman's last must-have is seasonal staple. "They add instant personality and instant whimsy to your outfit," he says.

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