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Fall Is Harvest For Your Soul

Fall is red. Fall is passion. Fall is yellow. Fall is reflection.
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Fall is color.
Fall is light.

Fall is red.
Fall is passion.


Fall is yellow.
Fall is reflection.

Fall is orange.
Fall is leaves.


Fall is brown.
Fall is earth.

Fall is purple.
Fall is twilight.


Fall is fire.
Fall is crispy air.

Fall is football.
Fall is field hockey.


Fall is tart apples.
Fall is pumpkin pie.

Fall is sweaters.
Fall is warm blankets.


Fall is school.
Fall is work.

Fall is raking.
Fall is hikes.


Fall is canning.
Fall is baking.

Fall is red wine.
Fall is stout.


Fall is chili.
Fall is stew.

Fall is festivals.
Fall is homecoming.


Fall is short days.
Fall is longer nights.

Fall is harvest.
Fall is harvest for your soul.

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