6 Fall Home Decor Trends Of 2018, According To Etsy

The Fall Home Trend That Has Nothing To Do With Mid-Century Modern Decor

What’s old is new again. That’s according to the home and living experts at Etsy who just released their take on fall 2018′s biggest decor trends.

Topping this year’s list is a renewed interest in sustainable, eco-friendly decor, but with dash of refinement. Etsy calls it “upscale upcycled home decor,” but we call it gorgeous.

Similarly, Etsy is predicting the return of ’70s home decor, building off of bohemian home trends like macrame, wicker and rattan this fall. The trends are gathered by looking at historical data on the site, specifically search trends and changes over time in the home and living categories.

“One my favorite trends for this fall is the return of ’70s home decor,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s trend expert. “It was a decade that celebrated handmade elements and inspired people to DIY their own personal projects.”

If you’re looking to refresh you home for fall, but want to think outside the velvet furniture and home decor, we’ve pulled together Etsy’s biggest fall home trend below.

Here, Etsy’s six fall home decor trends of 2018:

Upcycled and recycled
Etsy // NordicUniques
It's no surprise that consumers are more interested than ever before in sustainable and eco-conscious products, and that includes home decor. Designers are giving unique and sometimes unexpected items a second life by repurposing them into one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Searches for "upcycled home decor" are up more than 120 percent on Etsy this year, pulling up more than 75,000 results, according to the brand.

(Photo: Upcycled cotton nordic rug from NordicUniques)
Put a bird on it (again)
Nearly a decade ago, we were putting birds on everything, and "Portlandia" made sure it was a trend we wouldn't easily forget. Now, bird decor and designs are reemerging in more stylized and elevated ways, using of-the-moment materials like brass, gold and glass. Searches for "bird decor" are up 20 percent on Etsy, while searches for "gold birds" and "bird nests" are up 50 and 70 percent, respectively.

(Photo: Ceramic gold plated bird wall hook from AUSFLUG)
Intrinsically iridescent
Etsy // GlasshouseUK
The '90s are alive and well in our closets, but you might not've realized that the trending rainbow and pastel hues in your home decor are a riff of off '90s aesthetics. Iridescent home decor is a subtle way to add shine to a dull space, and the trend spans from vintage glassware to handmade crafts. Searches for "iridescent decor" are up more than 400 percent on Etsy this year, pulling in more than 14,000 results.

(Photo: White glass and copper planter from GlasshouseUK)
Make a personal entrance
Etsy // ProperLetter
Our homes are reflections of our personality and tastes, which is why we spend so much time looking for just the right finds for them. According to Etsy, consumer are more interested these days in finding home entrance accessories that stand out from the crowd, like with personalized door mats, front door decals and unique house numbers. Searches for "custom or personalized doormats" are up 50 percent this year on Etsy, while searches for "planter house numbers" and "custom or unique house numbers" are up 130 and 60 percent, respectively.

(Photo: Last name doormat from ProperLetter)
What's old is new again
Etsy // Studionom
We've been trending toward '70s aesthetics for a while now, especially with the renewed interests in textures like macrame, wicker and rattan. The laidback, bohemian look of '70s home decor is in stark contrast to the midcentury modern styles that have dominated in home decor for the past several years. On Etsy, searches for "70s home decor" are up 57 percent.

(Photo: Cotton and glass bottle vases from Studionom)
Strokes and stripes
Etsy // BuchlyviePottery
Building off of last year's wabi sabi trend, we're seeing the perfectly imperfect look of brushstrokes on items from ceramics to textiles. Traditional "stripe prints" are up in searches on Etsy by 62 percent in the last three months. Though the brushstroke trend is mostly seen in ceramics right now, Etsy predicts we'll see the look move into textiles soon, too.

(Photo: Grid cactus pot planter in blue and porcelain from BuchlyvirePottery)

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