Just 28 Things Your Home Will Be Grateful You Bought This Fall

Items for wintertime organization, home repair and fall decor favorites.
A portable tower warmer, large capacity storage bags and a gutter cleaning scoop.

Popular items from this include:

• A viral pet hair roller that traps debris and hair into a receptacle instead of using single-use adhesive sheets.

• A fish-shaped cleaner that can keep the tank of your humidifier free of mold, bacteria and mildew for up to 30 days without any cleaning on your part.

• A pair of oversized and ergonomic leaf scoopers for making cleaning up yard debris 10 times easier.

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A portable oscillating space heater with an adjustable thermostat
Promising review: "Firstly, this heater puts out a tremendous amount of heat. I got this for a room that doesn't have a door so I didn't expect it to heat the space that well. Surprisingly, this heater not only makes the entire space comfy, but the adjacent hall to the room manages to get warm from this heater as well. It's also incredibly quiet. It's the quietest heater I've had for this space, and I've had a few different ones in this space. It's also so sleek. It looks high tech while not requiring a lot of space or tech know-how. Plug it in and either push power on the remote or power on the actual device and you're ready to go. It has three modes and yes, I can tell the difference between low and high heat output. The timer is wonderful. And the remote is serviceable enough to be useful." — L. Thornhill
A plaid storage bin that collapses when not in use
Available in four sizes and seven colors.

Promising review:
"I have a bunch of these bins now. The pattern is bold and printed well. They’re very strong and durable and have held up to daily use." — Cora
A window insulator kit to help lower energy costs
Promising review: "I buy this every winter and it makes a BIG difference! We have super-thin windows and this works like a charm to stop 80% of the cold drafts, and I find I can sit right next to the window without a problem after installing them. It's easy to install and looks invisible after you apply heat with a hair dryer. No one will be able to tell there's a film and it'll look completely transparent after you apply heat. It was so satisfying to see the wrinkles disappear! It looks great, works great, and will save your energy! Win win win!" — Raymond
An insulated weather- and soundproof strip to keep warm air in
Available in two sizes and four colors.

Promising review:
"JUST WHAT I NEEDED! This weatherstrip worked great for me. It came in two attached strips with an adhesive backing. The strips can be separated as needed. It was easy to peel the backing and install the strips. I installed both strips on the door casing where the door meets it when closed. It immediately stopped the draft that was coming in around the door." — RH in TN
A pair of door draft stoppers with adhesive with adhesive backing
These stoppers are wider than the strips above, so that makes them a better fit for doors with a large floor gap. They are available in four colors.

Promising review: "I originally bought these to keep crickets out of my house, because I have large gaps under both of my doors and a cricket problem in my yard. But after installing them (which was super easy), I realized that they were keeping my house cool during the day and keeping the cold air out at night." — Betty
A pack of six adjustable mug organizers to maximize cupboard space
Promising review: "I love these mug organizers. I have mugs of different sizes so I would offset stack them. With these, the mugs stack safely on top of one another providing more space on the shelf" — SK
A sleek air purifier with HEPA and activated carbon filters
Promising review: "I have allergies to pollen and to windblown crumpled leaves in the spring and fall. Although I take allergy pills, in the spring and fall they don't seem to be as effective. But this year has been the worst for allergies, perhaps due to smoke from fires that affect the Ohio River Valley in which I live. I have allergy symptoms almost continuously including sudden onset of a dripping nose, a symptom I have never experienced before. So I did an online study of alternative air purifiers and settled on this one, now situated in my small main-floor home office. It is terrific! When I'm in my office while it's running, I no longer have the nasal drips and other allergy symptoms. The air in my office even smells fresher than elsewhere! I strongly endorse this air purifier. It has been terrifically beneficial to me." — A customer
A non-abrasive fireplace cleaner that works on a number of surfaces
Promising review: "Unbelievable! My daughter just moved into her first home. She thought she would have to paint her brick fireplace because of the heavy soot stains that had been there for years. We applied the product twice and put in a whole lot of elbow grease, but what a difference! It’s a messy process, but well worth the time and energy." — MM
A cool mist humidifier to help with cold and flu season
Promising review: "A humidifier is great for dry skin! I have eczema and when my skin is especially dry, I use this humidifier when I sleep and I wake up to soft skin and hair. The downside is that your hair might look a little oily sometimes but there are adjustment levels — low and high levels. Using the humidifier, you really feel the difference when you wake up. It's a great item for skincare and especially great if you struggle with dry skin, whether just during wintertime or all the time!!! Highly recommend this!" — Daisy
A tank cleaner for keeping your humidifier mold and mildew free for up to 30 days
Promising reviews: "I LOVE these little fish. I’ve been using them for about 2.5 years now and I truly believe they help keep the humidifier and water cleaner. People don’t realize all the nasty mold and bacteria that can be growing in their humidifier and then released into the air in their room! I’ve noticed a huge difference in mold growth when I use these fish." — Shelly
A pet hair remover that doesn't require single use sticky sheets
Promising review: "I am allergic to cats, so here I am with two cats who shed. Their hair is covering all the furniture. I have special pet covers on my bed to protect my comforter but I hate having to sleep under it since my cats sleep on my bed. I have tried so many cat hair remover brushes, gloves, and sponges that never worked. I was ready to shave the cats and call it a day. Then along comes the ChomChom brush. It not only has the lint roller but a bar that collects the hair. I love the little hairball container of the roller so I don't have to spend time cleaning off the lint brush. I can't believe this product works! I have an off-white couch and I didn't realize how much hair there was. After I used it, my couch looked lighter in color. I got my comforter cleaned off in minutes. It's a simple and inexpensive way to cure your pet hair woes." — Dondi
A pair of ergonomically designed oversized leaf scoops
Promising review: "These scoops are FANTASTIC. They turned a rather physically daunting chore into a much easier one, not to mention we spend literally less than half of the time that we normally have spent gathering up all these leaves and acorns. We are going to purchase another pair for NEXT season!! Wonderful ingenious tool! A must-have for raking chores!" — JMB
Two large water- and tear-resistant garden dustpans
Available in two sizes.

Promising review:
"They're as large as I hoped, allowing me to fill them with leaves and press the leaves down several times to move a LARGE amount of leaves in one go. Two different straps are placed so the full bag is easy to carry. Flat side of the opening DOES stay close to the ground, allowing an easy 'sweep' of the rake to move leaves into the plenty-wide opening. Might be my most-loved leaf-processing tool this fall, because I save and chip all my leaves. I also ordered the Bully Tool 1000 Poly Leaf Scoop, which works perfectly to press/compact the leaves in the bag." — June S.
Linda's Fauxy Bakery / Etsy
A scented mini pumpkin spice latte decor piece
Linda's Fauxy Bakery is a Florida-based small business creating the most adorable fake sweets as home decor. These faux lattes are available in four styles.

Promising review: "This item is adorable!! It was the perfect addition to my tiered tray. This was the first year I’d done one so finding the right elements seemed tricky. This was just perfect. The color, the details, all of it." — peacocks15
A gutter scoop for removing waterlogged debris and leaves from your gutter
Promising review: "Not sure why it took me so long to find this item. After years of scraping out packed silt in the bottom of my gutters, I saw this and ordered it. I was a little unsure if I could use it on my smaller than standard size 4-inch gutters, but if anything the smaller size lets this thing fit even tighter and scoop out more efficiently. (I do have to lift it over the gutter junctions but that's fine." — W. Steward
A plush, double-sided shaggy faux-fur duvet set
Available in sizes twin–king and 29 colors.

Promising review:
"If my house caught on fire, this is the first thing I’d grab. But seriously, this is one of my favorite things in my whole house. I feel like it tied my entire room together. I get so many compliments on it and it's seriously so cozy and well made. My only complaint would be how hard this thing makes it to get out of bed in the mornings. It’s incredibly soft and isn’t the type of 'fur' that will mat and get gross-looking over time. I rely heavily on reviews when I buy things so I’m here to tell you — if you’re on the fence about buying this...do it!!" — Sk
A string light curtain
It comes with eight different light modes, including a twinkle mode, with a controller attached to the lights so you can easily switch between them.

Promising review: "They are long and perfectly prepared to be displayed. I love everything about these lights. I am able to change the rhythm of the light dance with a simple press of the button. I want more because they’re beautiful and stunning. I have zero complaints." — Valerie Ann Love
A luxe and portable towel warmer
It heats up in just one minute and reaches the highest temperature in just six minutes. It also has up to 60 minutes of heating time and is available in six colors.

Promising review: "Not only is this great for robes and towels (the dogs greatly appreciate it too after a bath) but blankets, socks, and jammies are awesome too. There’s even a holder inside the lid that allows you to place fragrance discs in for adding a lavender scent for bedtime. Definitely worth the investment for pampering yourself." — K. Evans
Some weatherproof, battery-operated motion sensing night lights
These little lights are AA battery-operated (not included) and can be stuck anywhere with the included double-sided tape.

Promising review: "We have a short set of steps from the house into the attached garage that have always been dark and a little hard to see clearly in certain situations. These lights have been a perfect solution. They activate quite well and at a good distance, and put out a really nice amount of light. They also seem well made. I mounted one with the adhesive strip, and one with the screws (both included) and they are equally secure. They couldn't be easier to install and use right away. My whole family appreciates them." — Driveforce
A pack of solar-powered waterproof deck lights
Promising review: "These lights were easy to install and look great in on our deck. We just had a pool built and needed some light on the steps of the deck so we could see walking up the steps at night. They're beautiful without too much light." — BJ
Comma Home
A warm and relaxing weighted blanket
Comma Home is an eco-friendly small biz on Long Island that wants everyone to enjoy guilt-free rest. Upgrade your bedsheets, throws, and blankets with goods from Comma Home because besides making high-quality products, they also donate 10% of their sales to local organizations that help their houseless communities. This blanket is available in two weights and two colors.

Promising review: "I'm In love with this blanket! Its incredibly soft and feels amazing when I wrap myself up in it. It feels like a gigantic hug." — Bobbie
A pack of three large-capacity storage bags to store your summer clothes
Promising review: "I really like these storage bags. I was able to store extra blankets, pillows, seat cushions, sweaters, and more. I was rather amazed at how much they hold. The quality appears to be good; sturdy stitching, strong-enough zippers, sturdy handles, so I imagine they will hold up well as they reside in my closets." — Whimsy 1
Bloom With Claire / Etsy
A fall-inspired welcome mat
Bloom With Claire is a woman-owned small business making holiday-, pop culture-, and season-inspired doormats.
Sweet Water Decor / Etsy
A soy wax hot cider candle with notes of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg
Sweet Water Decor is a woman-owned small biz based in Pittsburgh making cozy candles, mugs, and home decor.

Promising review: "These are the candles that I've been looking for for the longest time. They are amazing! Fragrances are wonderful, they fill the rooms, are long-lasting from the first burn to the last. Couldn't be happier with my purchases! Will definitely be a return customer!" — Cheryl Thomas
A sunrise-simulating alarm clock to help you gently wake up with sunlight
Promising review: “This alarm clock is one of the most innovative alarm clocks I have ever seen. Ever since I purchased it a few weeks ago, my night and morning routines have improved dramatically. I no longer need my phone for an alarm in my room at night which improves my sleep and relaxation. The light feature works perfectly as my reading light, and the fun colors that I can choose add a fun ambiance to my room at night. The alarm settings in the morning are reliable and fun. I wake up each morning to a soothing piano riff and a simulation of the sun rising 20 minutes before my alarm goes off.” — Sandra L. Cranny
A 5.5-foot metal blanket ladder
Available in seven finishes.

Promising review:
"Got this for our new home and absolutely love it! It took me but five minutes to completely assemble it. It's incredibly sturdy for the price and material, and it's angled well to fit up against the wall completely evenly!" — Savannah Vandegrift
The Rainbow Barn / Etsy
An autumn-inspired felt ball garland
Based in Kentucky, The Rainbow Barn is a small woman-owned Etsy shop using felt balls to create a fun and unique garlands. They are available in nine different lengths.

Promising review: "Perfect length, colors are beautiful, exactly what I was looking for." — Amy White
Two extendable window screens that can be installed vertically and horizontally
Promising review: "I'm very happy to write this review. After searching for weeks, I finally found this package of two screens. They work exactly how I wanted them to. They don't move because they are hitting the frame of the outer window screen. If you raise to the full 15 inches, the window will sit on top and it definitely will not move. So now with Texas weather, I can have fresh air when the weather permits and save on my AC bill when it's warmer. Absolutely the perfect choice for me." — Grandma K

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