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The Best Fall 2016 Ice Cream Flavors You Should Be Looking For

Ice cream season is NOT over. We repeat, NOT OVER>

Just because summer has come to an end, that does NOT mean ice cream season is over. Au contraire, the season is just getting warmed up. Summer might feel synonymous with ice cream because it’s hot and ice cream is, well, cooling. But ice cream is actually the perfect vehicle for fall flavors. We’re talking pumpkin, spice and everything nice. (Plus, chocolate, caramel and apple.)

Sure, this summer boasted some great flavors ― we will never forget Jeni’s Splendid Savannah Buttermint Ice Cream ― but the lineup we have for you this fall is spectacular. Whether you’re looking for a step up from vanilla for your a-la-mode pie, you’re searching for a new flavor for your autumn sundae, or if you just need to keep a few pints in your freezer at all times of the year, these are the ice creams you should consider.

Some of them can be found at your local supermarket, and others have to be ordered online. All of them are worth seeking out. Because if nothing else, ice cream is worth the effort.

Here they are, in order from great to must-try.

Ben & Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake
Ben Jerrys
This tastes exactly like it sounds. If extra creamy, decadent pumpkin is your thing, this limited edition ice cream from Ben & Jerry's is your soulmate.
Three Twins Land Of Milk And Honey
Three Twins Ice Cream
Honey-flavored ice cream is something special, and Three Twins proves that with their Land of Milk and Honey pint. Eat this on a slice of apple pie and you'll win at life.
Salt & Straw's Jack O' Lantern
HuffPost Taste
There's a lot of pumpkin going on this time of year, which some folks love and others loathe. But this pumpkin sherbet by Salt & Straw is truly unique. Its clean, light flavor will delight you in how unlike every other pumpkin dish out there it is. It's made without spice, too.
McConnell's Burnt Caramel Apple
Wow, wow, wow. Burnt caramel is a special flavor that the world needs more of, and McConnell's is the right place to get it because they do caramel in ice cream so well -- they load it up with gobs and gobs of the sweet stuff. In this fall flavor, burnt caramel is swirled into an apple-flavored ice cream base. There are no chunks of fruit here to be found in this pint, if you're one of those people against that sort of thing (we know you're out there).
Salt & Straw's Pear With Blue Cheese
HuffPost Taste
Skip the cheese plate and go for the pint. This ice cream flavor perfectly nails the blue cheese and pear flavor. Blue cheese mellows out slightly paired with the heavy cream and the pear shines through wonderfully.
Talenti Caramel Apple Pie
We have two caramel apple flavors in this lineup, but they're both unique in their approach. Talenti's version -- which is very hard to stop eating -- incorporates bits of flaky piecrust and apple pieces blended into a cinnamon-spiced gelato. It's glorious. And did we mention the caramel swirls?
Salt & Straw's Dracula's Blood Pudding
HuffPost Taste
This pint is not for everyone -- especially once you realize that it's made with a "heady mix of spices and cream that are cooked into real blood pudding, with a hint of chicken liver" -- but if you taste before judging you will soon see that these unusual ingredients absolutely belong.
Three Twins Dad's Cardamom
Three Twins
Put down the vanilla for the rest of the season, this is your new go-to flavor. This cardamom-flavored ice cream is what your fall pie has been asking for. It's perfectly spiced, creamy ice cream -- nothing more, nothing less.
Jeni's Darkest Chocolate
Jenis Splendid Ice Cream
Dark, dark chocolate ice cream. This is the kind of pint you can get lost in (and too quickly find yourself at the bottom of). It is smooth, rich, darkly chocolate-y and absolute perfection. It's the only chocolate ice cream worthy of fall.
McConnell's Earl Grey Tea With Butter Biscuits
Tea and cookies, that's all we want on a brisk fall day, right? Wrong, we want tea and cookies mixed into a pint of smooth, creamy ice cream. This flavor is like cookies and cream for grownups and we're so grateful it exits. Thank you McConnell's for making our Autumn dreams come true.
Salt & Straw's The Great Candycopia
Salt And Straw
Ding, ding, ding, this is it. This is the pint of ice cream you need to, have to, absolutely must eat this fall. It's made with butterscotch ice cream, and loaded with an insane amount of candy. We're talking homemade snickers, whoppers, heath bars and peanut butter cups. With this pint of ice cream in hand, all of your trick or treating hopes will come true -- without every having to get off the couch.

BONUS: Salt & Straw’s Potion

This flavor doesn’t belong in our fall flavor lineup, but it needed a mention. We have just one thing to say about this red-fruit flavored sorbet: it’s made with Pop Rocks. If you love fruit candy, this is your pint. This flavor isn’t for everyone, but it does perfectly encapsulate the Halloween spirit.