Fall In -- Best New Music VI

This list features music from the past two weeks because I didn't want the list of best new music last week to mostly consist of songs from Justin Bieber's Purpose. And I didn't want this week to only be songs from Adele's 25. And though I was very excited by the return of Missy Elliott, one song does not a list make. Additional sidenote - I am very confused by David Guetta's new track. Is he making a return to his more underground beginnings?

Best New Track: Adele - We Were Young
Let me photograph you in this light/In case it is the last time/That we might be exactly like we were/Before we realized/We were sad of getting old/It made us restless/It was just like a movie/It was just like a song

Adele made a bold decision to pull her album from streaming, and yet still has set herself up to break 'NSync's record for most albums sold in a week. While this (pulling streaming) works for major artists with a hug fan base (aka Taylor Swift), streaming seems to still be a valuable and important tool in the discovery and sharing of music from new artists.

Runner Up: Justin Bieber -- Love Yourself
My mama don't like you and she likes everyone

This song, co-written with Ed Sheeran is stripped down, honest and one the strongest songs from Purpose. The entire album is actually really really good and another example of the smart, dedicated work being done by Scooter Braun and SB Projects.

The Producer List:
Beatkind (Cologne, Germany) recommends Agoria - Independence (Stephan Barnem Remix)
Silence (Stockholm, Sweden) recommends Mord Fustang - Flip the Bacon and Jabberwocky - Pola (The Geek X Vrv Remix)
Liftboi (Leipzig, Germany) recommends FKJ - Better Give U Up and Tom Misch - Twinkle Twinkle
Morkebla (Turin, Italy) recommends Idolatria-IDEO and F ingers - Tantrum Time

Any songs that should have definitely made the cut? Releasing new music? Send an email to: sb@iamseanbradford.com

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