5 Reasons Why Hawaii Is The Best State To Fall In Love

Did you go on a date recently? Was it the standard dinner and a movie? Was your reaction, "Meh ..."?

Maybe your date is the love of your life. Maybe not. Either way, you want to feel like this after a first date:

Maybe it's not the guy or girl you went out with, but the cliched and familiar dating scene that has you down. Dr. Helen Fisher, author of such books as "Why We Love," told Chemistry.com that timing is crucial for romance, and the novelty and excitement of moving to a new city can make you "ripe to fall in love."

But if you're willing to uproot yourself for love -- or at least temporarily uproot yourself for a week of much-needed vacation -- make sure you optimize your chances. Places like New York and Paris are often depicted in movies and novels as beacons for romance, but when it comes to meeting someone, dating someone, and ultimately falling in love with someone in the real world, Hawaii may be your best bet. In Hawaii, it's as if summer loving never has to end, and the salt air and floral smells are natural aphrodisiacs.

Below, five reasons it's easier to fall head over heels in Hawaii:

Romantic settings:

Instead of the stale dinner and a movie routine, classic first dates in Hawaii include strolling along the beach with a glass of wine in hand or hiking a beautiful, secluded trail to a waterfall vista. The natural beauty and scenery in Hawaii are awe-inspiring -- it's as if you're living in a Wordsworth poem. There's a reason that people travel to Hawaii for their weddings and honeymoons. Take note.

couple holding hands on beach

Sex appeal:

People in Hawaii live in their swimsuits all year-long, which means skin -- a.k.a., the best aphrodisiac of all -- is everywhere. "Warm weather -- fewer clothes -- could increase arousal," Catherine Sanderson, a psychology professor at Amherst College in Massachusetts, told LiveScience.com.

man touching

Bonding experiences:

Nothing forges a bond between two people quite like doing something challenging and exhilarating together. According to Professor Arthur Aron, "When you meet someone under conditions that are highly arousing ... a time when the body is stirred up and excited, we tend to experience attraction at a heightened level." Hiking, water sports and adventure sports are weekly, if not daily, activities in Hawaii, which means the opportunities for adrenaline and excitement are ripe. Tandem surf sesh, anyone?

couple surfing


Hawaii is far from the rest of the U.S., we get that. But the upside to being away from home is that transplants in Hawaii really band together. This provides a lot of great opportunities to meet new people, as big groups of friends constantly get together for holidays and weekend activities. What does this mean for romantic relationships? It's as if couples are on an accelerated track since they're not distracted by college friends or family trips. Intimacy, in other words, comes quickly on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific.

lesbian couple


People in Hawaii are happier and less stressed than anywhere else in the country. This is doubly advantageous. First, if you live life with a smile on your face, it makes it easier to attract a partner. Once you find that person, the lifestyle in Hawaii will also make it easier to have a healthy, low-stress relationship, which is something we can all smile about.

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